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ask   hi this is where i post other people's art and reblog stuff and whatever i feel like doing cuz its my blog and i can do ANYTHING with it and you CANT stop me

btw im nhaingen


yoyo here u go i had to draw them from the latest ep though their outfits were so great also not rly fluffy more angsty

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shina is prolly one of my favorite artists when it comes to drawing sex

the muted colors and lovingly applied textures make everything so warm and wonderful

oop i meant to post this here

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I wasn’t overly excited for Valentine’s Day this year. No, not because I’m single or anything… rather because I live too far away from my grandma now and so she isn’t able to send me the usual v-tines home-made goodie basket that I have come to enjoy.

So, despite the mountain of work that is always waiting for me, I have decided to cheer myself up with something home-made of my own: these dumb cards.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, me (and some of my favourite assholes).

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stan not feeling so good

chikenboy88 yoneda torume bon9625 

fumoto ◊ fooory uriko kohira mi

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i saw someone saying “stan/wendy has almost no good fanart” and i’m like, are you looking for it or are you just assuming that?? because there is a ton of adorable stan/wendy fanart out there. it’s hard to pick favorites but here’s a bunch that i love~


oboyu · ichiro

mato · hakata

babyhip · oyuki · senken

batsu · jippo

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